My Life Story – Abbreviated Version

I am sunlight – mixed with air, water, and bits of earth. So who the fuck says I have to follow your rules? Who the fuck wants to tell me how to live? Sunlight hit a leaf, and somewhere within an electron became enlightened, reached a higher plane. And the molecules began their dance, the […]

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The Choice

If you had your choice – to experience the most deep and profound sense of love and gratitude that you have ever experienced – beyond your imagination or your dreams – a love so deep and vast it has no beginning and no end – but to get there you just might have to puke […]

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Cherish your vision: Manifestation Mapping

How often we view our dreams as something that may or may not happen, while we stay busy with the details of every day life. If we hold our dreams as dear as we hold our own children, then they need not languish, but will grow and thrive. I am working on a video course […]

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Randy Gobbel and Daniel Walker

Grateful for uncles and nephews: Blessings From the Flood

Our aunts and uncles play a special role in our lives. I have been blessed with 5 aunts (my mother had 4 sisters, my father 1) and 2 uncles, plus in many cases their spouses have been very significant to me. So I loved finding this picture of Daniel Walker on the lap of his […]

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Guide to Higher SEO Rankings in WordPress

The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites Joost de Valk is the king of WordPress SEO.

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Letters From the Flood Project

Welcome to the Letters from the Flood Project page. Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding communities experienced a devastating rain event in September 2013. Although the community had been planning for a 100-year flood for decades, the event did not play out as planned. Homes on high ground flooded, or in some cases even slid down […]

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Daniel Walker with brook trout

Grateful for Fish: Blessings From the Flood

I am grateful for fish. I am grateful that I have had many opportunities to swim with them, to float peacefully in tropical waters with beautiful colors, to view trout swimming in crystal streams, to catch a 125 lb halibut, to watch flying fish skimming over the surface. And so many more ways. I realize […]

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Even more Woothemes Canvas CSS tweaks

The Mayne Design published this extraordinarily useful set of 38 CSS tweaks for Canvas. Canvas is great. Canvas is a pain in the butt.

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Listen to your heart… and then speak

Let my throat speak what my heart hears. How often I hear a voice and ignore it! This was demonstrated to me last night. I was at a private gathering, and it was late and time for the gathering to end. Most of us knew each other well, but as always there were guests – […]

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Letters from the Flood: Stories, Science, & Spirit of Rapid Transformation

Did you experience an epiphany or a transformation as result of the September 2013 floods? Did you perhaps find something long lost to you, or get reminded of something important? If so, I’d like to hear from you. I experienced a small flood in our home’s lowest level, nothing life threatening, but bad enough to […]

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