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My Life Story – Abbreviated Version

I am sunlight – mixed with air, water, and bits of earth. Sunlight hit a leaf, and somewhere within an electron became enlightened, reached a higher plane. And the molecules began their dance, the excited electron moving down down down – energy mixed with air to make more plant cells. And something ate part of […]

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Which way to choose - 3D render

The Choice

If you had your choice – to experience the most deep and profound sense of love and gratitude that you have ever experienced – beyond your imagination or your dreams – a love so deep and vast it has no beginning and no end – but to get there you just might have to puke […]

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Letters From the Flood Project

Welcome to the Letters from the Flood Project page. Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding communities experienced a devastating rain event in September 2013. Although the community had been planning for a 100-year flood for decades, the event did not play out as planned. Homes on high ground flooded, or in some cases even slid down […]

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